July 15, 2024 1:17 pm

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The Most Common, Hated, and Beloved Fast-Food Restaurants in Arizona


Armand Jackson

Americans love fast food, and Arizona, like every state has its most common, most hated, and most well-loved fast-food chains. The media company Stacker, with data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech, published an article listing the 20 most common fast food chains in Arizona. According to this information, the top five most common fast-food chains in Arizona are; Starbucks in fifth place with 168 locations in the state; Burger King in fourth place with 180 locations; Taco Bell in third with 183 locations; McDonald’s in second with 280 locations; and in first place with 423 locations the most common fast food chain in Arizona is Subway. 

But having a large number of locations does not always equate to a fast-food chain being the most well-loved restaurant for Arizona residents. CashNetUSA created infographics on the United States based on fast food chain ratings in every state from analyzed Google Maps reviews. The categories include the top-rated fast-food chain; the bottom rated fast food chain; the top rated fast food chain by cuisine; and the bottom rated fast food chain by cuisine. 

Based on this data, KFC is Arizona’s overall least favorite fast-food chain and the top-rated chicken chain is unsurprisingly Chick-Fil-A. LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee is the state’s overall top rated chain and the bottom rated for donuts is Dunkin’. The top-rated burger chain is In-N-Out Burger while the bottom rated is Burger King. Top rated Mexican chain is Chipotle with the bottom rated being Del Taco. And the top-rated pizza chain is Papa Murphy’s with the bottom rated being Papa John’s.

But what about those who wish to stray from national fast-food chains and wish to experience local Arizona fast food restaurants? A few of these include; The Blue Fin, a tiny restaurant located in central Phoenix that serves Japanese food; Bosa Donuts, a Phoenix donut shop; Eegee’s, a local sandwich shop in Tucson that is best known for its frozen fruit drinks; Lenny’s Burger, a local burger and shake restaurant with four locations around the Phoenix-metro area; and Lucky Wishbone, a chicken restaurant known for its fried chicken, butterfly shrimp, and chicken fingers.