April 23, 2024 12:03 am

Local News

Practical Joke Political Signs Taking Over Phoenix Area


Reinette LeJeune

As is no surprise to most Americans, with elections right around the corner, political signs have been steadily popping up around towns across the country. But in the Phoenix area, a new trend seems to be emerging where people post their own original political signs as practical jokes. 

The trend started with a man named Tyler Watson, who got the ball rolling with a sign showing him crossing his arms…for no particular reason. The slogan on the sign reads, “Tyler Watson is crossing his arms.” Like many Arizonans who express being tired of seeing political signs on every street corner, Watson decided to have a little fun with it. “I was thinking about what a politician’s sign would look like,” said Watson. It was just last month that his first sign was put up at the intersection of Ocotillo and McQueen roads in Chandler, wanting to see if his friends would notice while simultaneously poking fun at the many candidates’ signs that line the streets. “It looks endearing to me,” said Watson. 

The prankster, however, couldn’t have imagined that his little joke would create such a buzz on social media, leading to cries for more signs. Watson is now selling his signs for $15 and T-shirts that say “Write in Watson.” Due to overwhelming demand, he has since created his own website, donating the money he receives to charity. “I have a lot of joy in just seeing them enjoy my joke as much as I enjoy it,” said Watson, “It’s really making me happy to see so many people are laughing with me about it and think its fun.”

Other residents have since joined in on the fun, making an effort to mix in their own signs with the other more serious ones. The man making the most noise in this trend goes by the name “Dixon Butts,” who calls himself “a man of the people.” Diligent in his attempts not to reveal his real identity, the man explained to a FOX News reporter that  “I was driving down the road, realized it’s election season, and thought that there’s not enough signs out here, and I gotta do something about it,” said ‘Butts,’ as he posed alongside his sidekick Corgi named Dixie. He says that Arizona residents may be seeing more of him in the future, “There’s about 1,000 people online that said they would write me in for something, so if the people want Dixon, I’m in a position to give it to him.” His main concern though is cashing in on the jokes – now selling bumper stickers and t-shirts on his website under the character’s name. He has reported that he’s already placed a second order to keep up with the hot demand.