July 15, 2024 2:42 pm

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Hunting For Dinosaur Bones? Arizona Has You Covered


Anzhe Zhang

“I recently ordered a resin cast skull replica of the extinct Tasmanian wolf (aka Tassie tiger, aka thylacine) from Tyrannostorus after finding them on TikTok of all places. I got the item quickly and in perfect condition.”

That’s what one satisfied customer said in a Google review of Tyrannostorus, the new punny science center, museum, and store in Mesa that offers a unique prehistoric experience for both kids and adult dinosaur aficionados alike.

The best part of Tyrannostorus is that visitors are free to touch the bones and items on display, something that many kids can only fantasize about when visiting other museums.

“We want kids to leave here excited for science!” Harry Brand, a store employee, said.

“The best way to get kids excited about science is to get them to touch, feel and look at these things,” he continued, explaining that Tyrannostorus was a place designed to help kids understand natural history.

Located near Dobson and Baseline and true to its namesake, Tyrannostorus features a replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, named Stan, modeled after one of the most expensive fossils ever discovered.

Perhaps what will get the younger kids most excited is the interactive digging site featured in Tyrannostorus, where kids can have a go at being a paleontologist, and who knows, maybe discover a lifelong passion along the way.

Whether it’s a field trip for kids or if you just want to buy the dazzling array of minerals and shark teeth, Tyrannostorus is the place for everyone. Those who can’t make it can also order their products online.