May 29, 2024 12:06 pm

Trump nearly derailed democracy once − here’s what to watch out for in reelection campaign

Richard L. Abel, University of California, Los Angeles Elections are the bedrock of democracy, essential for choosing representatives and holding them accountable. The U.S. is a flawed democracy. The Electoral College and the Senate make voters in less populous states far more influential than those in the more populous: Wyoming residents have almost four times …

What AZ Student Borrowers Should Know as Loan Repayment Looms

Previous StoryNext Story  Alex Gonzalez, Producer  Contact   Why you can trust Public News Service Tuesday, September 12, 2023    Many Arizonans will start making payments on their student loans again next month, so it is time for those borrowers to figure out where they stand financially. Interest resumed this month, after more than three years in …

Expert: Electric Vehicle Sales Not Slowing Down

Arizona is among the top 10 states for EV auto registrations. Year-to-date, EV sales are up more than 50%, year over year, which Chris Harto, senior policy analyst at Consumer Reports, said is impressive, considering how much fuel prices have come down. However, in Arizona, the average gas price is currently $4.25 per gallon – about 40 cents more than the national average – which may entice Arizona drivers to make the switch.