June 23, 2024 6:41 am

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Arizona Schools are Seeing Improvements After the Pandemic


Staff Writer

Arizona schools have received their letter grades from The Arizona State Board of Education. This is the first time since 2019 that these grades are sent. The number of schools that received As and Bs increased compared to the number back in 2019. Specifically, this year, 365 K-8 schools received an A, and 579 schools received a B. In 2019, 366 K-8 schools received an A, and 415 received Bs. In addition, this year, there were 308 schools that received a C, 64 Ds as well as 14 Fs. In 2019, 375 schools received a C, 139 received Ds and 38 had an F.

However, according to a spokesperson with the Department of Education, the grading standards this year are different from those in 2019, which made it difficult to compare the two results. This year, the letter grades that schools received are based on five factors, including student growth, proficiency on statewide assessment, English language proficiency and growth, readiness for future education or professional development, and high school graduation rates.